In-Transit, Performance and installation, Visualeyez Performance Art Festival, Latitude 53, Edmonton

Photos of the performance:

First-person documentation of performance using camera strapped to my forehead:

Over the course of the festival, I travelled through the Edmonton Downtown Core by rolling on the ground in pedestrian areas. Performing for 2 hours each day, I attempted to cover as much grounds as possible, zig-zagging through the urban grid. Starting from and finishing at Latitude 53 on the first and last days of the festival, the trajectory of my performance formed a loop in the downtown perimeter. My performance attempted to insert into the city an alternative subject position; a radically empirical travelling body. Superimposing its singular timeframe onto the space, my performance aimed to assert the primacy of the body’s experience. As a radical method of spatial occupation, my rolling motion was meant to symbolically stand in for bodies othered by urban design structures, and introduce a use-value system in the city that cannot be defined, but felt.

Project page on Visualeyez website

Writing on the performance by Joshua Schwebel

Interview on CBC Edmonton news:

Interview on Breakfast Television (Edmonton CityTV)